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The Internal-Micrometer ANALOG

An extra-large measuring range: for diameters from 30 to 400 mm only 6 MICROTEST® Internal Micrometers are needed.
By comparison 16 to 20 conventional devices would be necessary.

The space required for the whole set for diameters from 6 to 400 mm, including calibration gauges, small extensions, necessary tools and certificates, packed in a robust wooden case is surprisingly small, only
395 x 320 x 310 mm.

MICROTEST® Internal Micrometers are also available as single instrument or as small set’s with calibration rings.

To protect your investment in any environment we deliver our MICROTEST® internal micrometers in a stabile wooden case.

Time-saving: thanks to the wide measuring range, fewer MICROTEST® internal micrometers are required, and as a consequence fewer time-consuming checks and adjustments are necessary.

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